Let Boston Rise is a coalition led by Millennium Boston committed to the future of downtown Boston. We want to help Boston grow into the thriving, cosmopolitan city it is meant to be. A city with a strong downtown core that is bustling with activity morning, noon and night. An urban place that encourages business and culture. A safe, welcoming neighborhood that is full of people living, working and playing. An exciting place to call home.

Join us in promoting Millennium Boston’s newest development at Winthrop Square, which will play a key role in continuing the transformation of downtown, and contribute $153 million dollars to the city – money which Mayor Walsh has committed to invest in much needed improvements to affordable housing, public parks and open spaces, including the Common.

Help us ensure this amazing city achieves its full potential. Join us and Let Boston Rise.


Kirk Boutselis, American Multi-Cinema, Inc.
Andy Hoar , CBRE New England
Rich Ryan
Chris Damian, Legendary Restaurant Group
Thomas MacKinnon
Mohamed Warsame, VPNE Parking Solultions
Mitchell Haddad, Wells Fargo Private Mortgage Banking
Kyle Healey, VPNE Parking Solutions
Deshawn Alford
Marc Harris, Salon Marc Harris
Danielle Dibartolomeo, Michael Mine Group
Jimmy Patel, Commercial Construction Consulting, Inc.
Russ Cournoyer, Century Drywall Inc.
Jamie Parks, JC Cannistraro
Trevor Young, EM Duggan
Edward Thompson, Spartan contracting

Peter Dockray
Gene Doan
Sean Welch, Jc cannistraro
Kristin Garcia, VPNE Parking Solutions
Laurence Pearl, PABU boston
Marina Spott, Mina Restaurant Group
John Schiffmann, Mats Inc
Adriana Turner
David Phillips, Boeing
Tena Reynolds, The Merchant Kitchen & Drinks
Christian Wissmuller
Beth Cullinan
Larry Abatiello, Century Drywall Inc.
Christopher Baumert, Northeast Electrical Contractors Inc
Gary Connors
Elizabeth Geary, Cresa

Carolyn Rodrigues
Rick Petitti, J C Cannistraro LLC
Peg Pacheco, CenturyDrywall, Inc.
Tim Maimone
Katrina Walther, Suffolk Construction Company, Inc.
Scott Crockett, Cannistraro/Local 12 Plumbers
Paul MacPhee, J.C. Cannistraro
Thomas Cabarle
Edward Lilley
Neil Chapralis, Century Drywall Inc.
Cheryle Becker, High Point Interiors inc.
Alan Esbitt, Baron Industries
Douglas Standbridge, Suffolk Construction
Patrick Lucey, Boston Resident
Jillian Bargar, Anderson & Kreiger
Halle Auerbach , Millennium Partners
Christopher Kishfy
Scott Stanley
Danielle Weiler, J.C.Cannistraro LLC,
AJ Koberski, VPNE Parking Solutions
David Wiener
Joel Trojan, Century Drywall Inc.
Karen Ableman, Ronin Advertising
Jason Balla, The Voice Of Downtown Boston
Emily Durfee
Jeff Horblit, Northeast Security, Inc.
Dan Murray, Suffolk Construction
Paul Luzzi
Christian Astudillo, Cannistraro
Carol Parker, Keller Williams Coastal Realty

Gayle Bourdeau
Larry Casillo, The Godfrey Hotel Boston
Jennifer Koxias
Michael Mancuso, Precision Effect
Brian Hartigan, Northeast Security Inc
Matthew Kay, Millennium Partners
JB Dowd
Patrick Brusil, Keller Williams Realty
Caroline Geary, Arbor Realty Trust
Ryan Baryluk
Milton Benjamin, KAGE Growth Strategies, LLC
Meihuei Hu, Hu Law Office PC
Greg McLaughlin, High Point Interiors Inc.
JD Tinney
Joe Mecke, J.C. Cannistraro
Michael McCarthy, J Derenzo co

Marc Cellitti, 3L & Company
Christopher Wells, PERI Formwork Systems, Inc.
Dana Repici, J C Cannistraro
Ronald Holland
Bill Lins, NESC, Inc.
Josh Medeiros, Century Drywall Inc.
Jessica Vieira
Naren Deshpande, WSP/Parsons Brinckerhoff
Shauna Gillies-Smith, Ground Inc.Landscape
Erin Glover
Matthieu Peuler, DeSimone Consulting Engineers
Jared Colombo, JC Floors
Joseph Correia II, Boston Building Wraps Inc.
Shaun Teed, K+H Electrical Systems
Cameron Sperance, Bisnow
Robert Dargis, Chelsea Village Condo
Steven Fallon
Mohammad Qureshi, VPNE Parking Solutions
Dave Lester
Steven Barner
Cassius Jones, Smarking
Jonathan Ashbridge
Courtney Carroll, Cannistraro
Drew Freedman, The Boston Bodyworker
Thomas Burroughs, WSP
Deb Blair, LINK
Barry Scot
Russell Browning, Century Drywall Inc.
Jared Gentilucci, Nitsch Engineering
Dianne Baumert-Moyik

Jennie Zheng, Regatta Realty
Maggie Lannon, Northeast Security, Inc.
Caroline Baltzer, Harvard Medical School
Charles Dolan
Glen Gilraine, Jc Cannistraro
Kacey Dowling, PWCS
Eric Gordon, Financial District resident
Mary anne Allen
Richard Baumert
Gabrielle Migliaccio, VPNE Parking Solutions
Sheila Quinlan
Stephen Guarracino, JM Electrical Co, Inc.
Christina Jurasek, Northeast Security, Inc.
Ryan Simons, Century Drywall Inc.
Neil Daly, JCCannistraro LLC
Dean Sawatzky, Lightroom

Jami Elliott
Michael Percival, Century Drywall inc.
Chris Meurer, Cannistraro
David Klein, Greenwood Industries Inc.
Brian Grossman
John Cannistraro, J C Cannistraro, LLC
Jacob Hafensteiner, Suffolk Construction
Chad Pomeroy, NESC, Inc.
Stephen D'Arcy, Marx|Okubo Associates, Inc.
Anthony Ferrara, Superior Rail & Iron Works Inc.
Versu Smith
Paul Foley, Feldman
Gary Walker, Diversified Construction Group
Michael Norton
Wen Sang
Paul Sheedy, VPNE
John Hennessey, Northeast Security inc
Eric Papachristos, Trade Restaurant / Porto Restaurant / Saloniki Restaurants
Jake Bailly, VPNE
Linchul Shin, PABU
Kathleen MacNeil, Millennium Partners
Craig Lake, LRG
Brenda Leadbetter
Jon Moen, Cannistraro
Pamela Cushing , Live In Luxury Real Estate Company
Alexandra Mitropoulos
Victoria Sepavich, Goulston & Storrs PC
Derek Medeiros, Century Drywall Inc.
Axel Morales, Suffolk Construction
Charles Norman, National Real Estate Development

Michael Killory, Ogawa Coffee
Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Juan Carlos Consulting, LLC
Sara Pouladian, Millennium Place Primary Condominium
Jen Rocki
Michael Nunzianto, Northeast Security
Michael Correia, Boston Building Wraps Inc.
Sherry Pann
Richard McLaughlin, High Point Interiors Inc.
Lee DerHagopian, Flora Explora LLC
Vincent Carbone, Commercial Construction Consulting, Inc.
John Carter, Jmcarteriron@gmail.com
Nick Litton, VPNE
Stephanie Dubanowitz
Steve Kraemer, Haley & Aldrich, Inc.
Jesse Freundlich, Century Drywall Inc.
Ryan Pavai, Millennium Tower

Theresa Iannucci, Century Drywall Inc.
Christopher Grossmann
Hester Wright, Automation Solutions Inc.
Brian Curley, J C Cannistraro LLC
Jason Valera
James Kirby, C3-Commercial Construction Consulting, Inc.
William Sacco
Joseph Correia, Boston Building Wraps Inc
Tom Cunha, JC Cannistraro LLC
John Beecher
Jason McGovern, Advanced Information Technologies, Inc.
Wiliam Woodside
Bernie Kamp, K&H Electrical Systems
Kate Harris-Lucey, Boston Resident

Let your voice be heard. Tell us why you want to Let Boston Rise.

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